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The Amazing Adventures of Izi and Larry - Box Set

Izy and Larry - Box Set

The Amazing Adventures of Izi and Larry tells the story of two very good friends, eight-year-old Izi and magical, flying dinosaur, Larry - who lives in a zoo. Together, they go on wonderful adventures in which Larry teaches Izi about different tribes and cultures; they see the world as a kaleidoscope of many customs and practises held together by tolerance, kindness and understanding. Box Set Includes:

The King and The Colony

Kings Colony

An abridged story about how the Lagos Kingdom in the 19th century story was captured by the British colonialists and became a colony. A historical story of the resistance against colonial rule, bravery, war and co-operation between two nations that would in turn lay the foundation for the creation of Nigeria.

Malaika's Magical Kiosk

Maliaka's Magical Kiosk Cover

A mysterious woman, Malaika, arrives with her magical kiosk in a village at a time of drought and despair. Two sisters, Michelle and Wanjiku, notice that things changed each time the villagers bought items at Malaika’s kiosk. The people began to smile and the village was filled with laughter again. But will her magic be enough to make the villagers happy again?

Dad Goes To School

Dad Goes To School

Nandi misses her daddy every time she has to go to school. Her daddy sees how sad she is, and makes a promise to go to school with Nandi for an entire day, just to make her happy. Nandi’s classmates get the surprise of their lives when they meet their new classmate. But Nandi gets an expected surprise. Did she have a great day with her daddy in school?