Our selection of titles include literary fiction, fantasy, historical novels, romance, suspense, spiritual and religious work, and more. These stories capture the spirit of the times.

Guardian of the Fall

GOTF Cover

The Guardian, the custodian of a waterfall, is a deity with formidable powers, including shape shifting. To ensure the lineage of messengers, it attempts to match make its messenger, Erom, with Ken, a developer who wants to build a resort near the falls. Meanwhile, the community around the waterfall observes as a deadly rivalry among powerful political rivals, which leaves a murder trail.

Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon

Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon

Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon is a collection of short stories, which, filters the lives of contemporary Nigerians, exploring well-known themes but delving a little deeper, questioning our ideas about people, our impressions and prejudices. Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon depicts the struggles of a young ambitious and hardworking Nigerian abroad with the same insightful candour as it does the tale of a brilliant but broken woman struggling with mental illness.

Secret Places

Secret Places Cover

Secret Places weaves the lives of two couples into a beautiful, emotional tale – a tapestry of faith, the dark side of free will, and finding the path back to the illuminating presence of God's grace and love. Moni Badmus is having the most difficult time. Her marriage is no longer what it used to be, and her daughter’s teenage rebellion is getting out of hand. Sam Badmus is disillusioned with his marriage and life. His best friend Debo Ajala and his wife Adele have the life Sam wants – a happy marriage, great jobs and four beautiful sons. He turns to Debo for advice.