Abimbola Dare, author of The Last Wedding Anniversary

Abimbola Dare, the author of The Last Wedding Anniversary, a novel being published under Quramo Publishing’s QLife imprint, received a clear sign that she was meant to be writing what she calls ‘fiction with intention’. Having run a successful blog as Bimbylads for several years, she reached a crossroads as to the purpose of her writing. After deep reflection, she came to understand that her skills and talents could have a nobler purpose.

A New Consciousness in Reading and Publishing [Part 2]

9TH CORA Publishers' Forum

The next conversation put a focus on The New African Literary Voice, engaging Writer and Editor, Adebola Rayo; Literary Critic, Jerry Chiemeke; and Creative Writer, Toni Kan, in a personal-view based discovery of which authors are fresh and are making impact, what it means to be fresh, and if they are making personal efforts to be fresh, as writers and as critics of writers.