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There Are No Heroes

There Are No Heroes - Femi Sowoolu

Arguably one of Nigeria’s most resourceful, sure-voiced and engaging broadcasters, Sowoolu puts his entire professional career into focus – from his early days as a young announcer, through the stages of advertising, production, television, reality game shows, writing for media, journalism and management. There Are No Heroes could become a credible, reliable companion for the young broadcaster with great ambitions to become the best at what he, or she, does.

A Platter of Gold

A Platter of Gold - Book Cover

Over the course of fifty-four years till the eve of independence, eight colonial pro-consuls governors for the British Empire pitched wit, passion and guile against under-celebrated, sometimes everyday Nigerians – Ahmadu Attahiru I, the Sokoto Caliph and his cavalry, who violently resisted British ouster and occupation; Eleko and the Lagos Chieftains, who first claimed they would “rather die than pay tax”... This is a story of Nigeria’s history as well as the history of Nigeria’s story. The other story!

For Sam

For Sam Cover

This collection of contemporary thoughts is dedicated to one of the leading figures in Nigerian journalism, the founder of The Vanguard Newspaper, Mr Sam Amuka. It features some of the finest ideas and beliefs from a cross section of Nigerians that have influenced Nigeria’s history. Personalities that could rightly labelled as rebels, godfathers and progressives.

The Great Leap

The Great Leap Cover

A historical record of momentous speeches by the former governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola that chronicles his landmark achievements in the eight years of his administration. The Great Leap offers insight into Fashola’s leadership and how he successfully made Lagos state work; his social and economic policies and legislation that he enacted into law to create jobs, improve welfare and reduce crime; and his vision and advocacy to build a modern and effective mega city.  The foreword is by leading legal luminary, Alhaji Femi Okunnu, SAN.       


Possessed Cover

Possessed reveals hidden accounts, court evidence, testimony and papers of enquiry showing how colonisation employed the tools of law and justice to achieve its imperialist aims; therefore, changing the course of history and African society.

In Her Own Right

In Her Own Right Cover

The former first lady of Lagos state was a relentless advocate to improve the welfare of women and children. This book offers an overview of the achievements of the former First Lady of Lagos State and her enduring legacy.

The Fashola Years

The Fashola Years

Award-winning photographer and personal photographer to the former governor of Lagos state Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), carries on the great tradition of vividly documenting history through photography as it unfolded within the eight years of his administration. Whether covering state events or the governor’s private moments, Lukesh’s photos always recorded the moments that mattered.

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